privacy statement

Collection of Information by WWW.DHRPC.ORG

In order to improve the content and usability of this web site, the Denver HIV Resources Planning Council (the "Council") automatically collects several categories of information from users. This information includes the following:

1. The apparent Internet Protocol ("IP") address of your Internet Service Provider ("ISP") and/or your computer, if your computer has an IP address assigned directly to it.

2. The apparent Fully Qualified Domain Name ("Domain Name") of your Internet Service Provider ("ISP") and/or your computer, if your computer has a domain name assigned directly to it.

3. The type of browser used and the operating system resident on the user's computer.

4. The date and time a user visited the site.

5. The web pages accessed at the site, as well as any applications used and forms data.

6. The Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") of the site which a user visited prior to WWW.DHRPC.ORG (if available), if such user did not connect directly to WWW.DHRPC.ORG, or use it as a homepage or "Portal." The Council uses this information to identify site performance needs; to ensure compatibility with the technology used by site visitors, and to generally add and improve services offered on WWW.DHRPC.ORG. In order to accomplish those goals, from time to time, the Council may conduct statistical analysis of the data it collects. The Council does not collect data for commercial or marketing purposes, and the Council does not sell, exchange or otherwise distribute the data collected by WWW.DHRPC.ORG for commercial or marketing purposes.


Information Submitted to WWW.DHRPC.ORG

During a session on WWW.DHRPC.ORG, a user may affirmatively submit information to the Council by, among other means, electronic mail ("e-mail").

The Council does not rent or sell personally identifiable information (i.e., information such as name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc., that identifies a user as a particular person), nor would the Council exchange or trade such information with third-parties without a user's explicit permission.



This web site and WWW.DHRPC.ORG uses "cookies." Cookies are text files, or entries in larger files, utilized to distinguish between visitors to a web site, and to track information during multiple visits to a web site.

The use of cookies is a standard practice among Internet web sites. Most Internet web browsers may be customized to reject cookies, to only accept or reject cookies by user intervention, or to delete cookies. Rejecting and/or removing cookies, however, may lead to loss of functionality on those on those WWW.DHRPC.ORG pages requiring cookies to function fully.


Third Party Links

WWW.DHRPC.ORG provides links to, and may be linked from, local, State and federal government agencies, and from, or to, other web sites. The existence and/or provision of those links neither constitutes nor implies endorsement of the destination or departure web site(s) or of the content, viewpoint, accuracy, opinions, policy(ies), product(s), accessibility or privacy policy of said destination or departure web site(s). Nor does any link between WWW.DHRPC.ORG and a third-party web site imply sponsorship of such web site, or the creator of such web site.

The content of WWW.DHRPC.ORG web pages is copyrighted, and may contain some third party images/graphics that are used with permission. Users are notified, therefore, that one should presume the need to obtain permission from the copyright holder before reproducing or otherwise using images/graphics from this web site.

WWW.DHRPC.ORG may change this policy from time to time, and reserves the right to do so without notice.