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Our Committees meet regularly to help facilitate our mission. Visit our calendar for specific dates, times and locations.


+ Evaluation and Assessment Committee

Responsible for conducting the annual needs assessment and developing and reviewing progress on the three-year comprehensive plan.


Karin Sabey, Co-chair

Colleen McGuiness, Co-chair


View the June EAC Minutes 2018
Dowload all past EAC Minutes from 2009-2017 ( file)


View the 2013 DHRPC Evaluation Project (pdf)
View the 2012-2014 DHRPC Comprehensive Plan Presentation (pdf)
View the Annual Data Strategy (pdf)
View the 2010-2011 Needs Assessment Goals and Objectives (pdf)
View the Needs Assessment Preliminary Results Report (pdf)
View the Needs Assessment Descriptive 1 (pdf)
View the Needs Assessment Descriptive 2 (pdf)
View the 2011 Needs Assessment Presentation (pdf)
View the 2011 Needs Assessment Final Report (pdf)



+ Leadership Committee

Provides leadership and direction for Denver HIV Resources Planning Council (DHRPC) Committees.


Rick Proctor., Vice-chair


Download all past Leadership Minutes from 2009-2017 ( file)

View Leadership Committee February 2011 Documents (pdf)
View On-Line Leadership Training Workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View On-Line Leadership Training Workgroup meeting minutes (pdf)


+ In-Home HIV Test Discussion (Not Currently Active)

Planning Council, service providers, community members and key stakeholders meet to discuss how partners in public health might address this promising, yet complicated factor regarding HIV linkage to care. Future meetings possible. 

View the current agenda (pdf)
View the February 2013 Brown Bag Lunch Presentation (pdf)
View the In-Home HIV Test Discussion Report (pdf)


+ Membership Development Committee

Recruits and recommends to the Mayor potential council members for vacancies on the council. The committee also trains new council members.


Jim Sampson, Co-chair

Mashawn Moore Co-chair



View the September MDC Minutes 2018July MDC Minutes 2018

Download all past MDC Minutes from 2008-2017 ( file)

View the New Member 2010 Orientation Manual (pdf)
Access the New Member Online Training. Please remember to notify us when finished by using the link from the Online Training page.



Metro Denver HIV Services Coalition (MDHSC)


This committee is comprised of DHRPC members, people living with HIV, and metro area service providers. The committee: assesses the service delivery system to determine system performance in meeting the needs of PLHIV; drafts directives, although not exclusively, for consideration by the DHRPC, to improve service delivery and address implementation issues; reviews and provides input and feedback to DOHR on service standards; and crafts recommendations to DHRPC on service categories to meet the needs of PLHIV.


Sarah Lowenstein, Co-chair

Robert Riester, Co-chair


Listen to the January 2019 meeting recording.

View January 2019 Materials

- Service Categories Worksheet


+ Acuity/Medical Case Management (MCM) Workgroup

View Acuity Workgroup agenda (pdf)
View Acuity Workgroup minutes (pdf)

View Acuity Workgroup PDSA Cycle Presentation (pdf)

View Medical Case Management Workgroup agenda (pdf)
View Medical Case Management Workgroup minutes (pdf)

View the Medical Case Management Improvement Plan Report (pdf)
View the Medical Case Management Presentation (pdf)
View the Medical Case Management Assessment Report Summary (pdf)
View the Medical Case Management Workgroup Priority Topics (pdf)l


+ Early Intervention Services (EIS) Workgroup

View EIS Workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View EIS Workgroup meeting minutes (pdf)

View Early Intervention Services Workgroup System Overview (pdf)
View the Early Intervention Services Standard (pdf)


+ Case Management Assessment Workgroup

View the Case Management Assessment (pdf)
View the Case Management Assessment Report Highlights (pdf)


+ EFA/Housing Workgroup

View EFA/Housing Workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View EFA/Housing Workgroup meeting minutes (pdf)
View EFA/Housing past minutes ( file)

View the Housing Services: Chronic Homeless (pdf)


+ Linkage to Care Workgroup

View the Linkage to Care and Retention/Re-Engagement meeting agenda (pdf)
View the Linkage to Care and Retention/Re-Engagement Presentation (pdf)


+ Oral Health Workgroup

Helps to define the future of Oral Health in the DTGA to ensure continued effectiveness and access to services.

View Oral Health Workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View Oral Health Workgroup meeting minutes (pdf)
View Oral Health Workgroup past minutes ( file)


+ Outpatient Ambulatory Workgroup

Brings top HIV/AIDS physicians in the Denver TGA together to discuss new Quality Improvement Performance Measures.

View Outpatient Ambulatory meeting agenda (pdf)
View Outpatient Ambulatory meeting minutes (pdf)

View Outpatient Ambulatory Measures and Standards Discussion Guide (pdf)
View the 2011 in+care Campaign Measures (pdf)
View the Outpatient Ambulatory Revised SOC (pdf)


+ Standards of Care Workgroup

View MH/SA Standard Of Care Workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View MH/SA Standard Of Care Workgroup meeting minutes (pdf)

MDASC Standards of Care updates:
View the 2015 Revised Standards of Care (pdf)


+ Single Payer Training

This training focused on the Single Payer process overview, Ryan White Standards of Care for Emergency Financial Assistance/Eligibility and HOPWA scope of work.

View the Single Payer Training Agenda (pdf)
View the Single Payer Training Presentation (pdf)

View the following tools reviewed at Single Payer Training:
2013 HOPWA Financial Assistance Request Form (FARF)
2013 Ryan White Financial Assistance Request Form (FARF)
Homeless Verfication Form
Recently Released Reincarcerated Screening Tool

View the changes to the FY2013 Standards of Care: 
EFA/Housing and 
Housing Services


+ People of Color Leadership (POCL) and Rebuilt+ (PLWHA) Committee (Not Currently Active)

Note:  Meetings of this committee are suspended at this time.

POCL works to increase the involvement of communities of color in Council and Minority AIDS Initiative related activities.  Rebuilt+ strives to help increase involvement of consumers and those affected by HIV/AIDS in council work, and to advise the Council on any related issues. Please note that the Aging with HIV Workgroup, Foreign Born and African American Workgroup and Health Disparities Workgroup all fall under POCL and Rebuilt+.


View POCL and Rebuilt+ meeting agenda (pdf)
View POCL and Rebuilt+ meeting minutes (pdf)
View POCL and Rebuilt past minutes (

View POCL Housing: What We Know So Far (pdf)


 + Aging with HIV Workgroup

How do we become proactive in addressing the future of HIV/AIDS and the aging population within the Denver Transitional Grant Area (DTGA).

View the Aging with HIV workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View the Aging with HIV workgroup minutes (pdf)
View the Aging with HIV workgroup past minutes (

View the Aging with HIV Presentation (pdf)
View the HIV and Aging Survey Results (pdf)
View Community Forum Survey Results (pdf)


 + Foreign Born and African American Workgroup

Workgroup focuses on developing and implementing strategies to reduce disparities in accessing care for foreign born, undocumented African Immigrants/Refugees.

View the Foreign Born workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View the Foreign Born workgroup minutes (pdf)

View the Foreign Born and African American Presentation (pdf)


 + Health Disparitites Workgroup: African American

Workgroup's purpose is to 1. Assess the reasons that African Americans are under-utilizing RW core and support services and, 2. Develop strategy and establish goals to remove barriers to care that lead to under-utilization of services by and addresses unmet need of African Americans.

View the Health Disparities Workgroup meeting agenda (pdf)
View the Health Disparities Workgroup meeting minutes (pdf)
View the Health Disparities Workgroup past minutes (


+ Priorities Workgroup

Coordinates the process for the Council to set priorities and resource allocation for the services most needed in the Denver Transitional Grant Area (DTGA).


Melanie Reece, Co-chair


View the Draft May Priorities Minutes (pdf)

Download all past Priorities Workgroup minutes from 2010-2017 (