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Welcome to DHRPC Online Training!

We developed three types of online training to help carry out the DHRPC mission. Please choose from the options below.

HIV 101

HIV 101 provides a clear understanding of how HIV is transmitted, operates in the body and is treated. This training helps everyone better understand the disease - and for people living with HIV, it will help expand their knowledge.

This training is available to everyone. Learn more.


Leadership Training

DHRPC online Leadership trainings are designed to enhance the skills and resources of work group and committee chairpersons, to support improved services for those living with HIV.

This training is available to everyone.  Learn more.


New Member Online Orientation

New Member Online Orientation is comprised of three training modules designed to be completed in order. The format is self-paced, and each section typically takes less than an hour to complete. The trainings are narrated, so be sure your computer audio is working before you begin. When you are finished with all three modules, you will be instructed to notify the Council office and we will in turn ask that you provide feedback.


Access to the DHRPC New Member online Orientation is password protected. DHRPC Members are automatically registered and issued a username and password.


If you are not a Member but would like to view the trainings, Sign up. Otherwise, please go to the login page.