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+ Grant Application

DHR Ryan White Part A Narrative FY19


+ DHPRC Meeting Presentations

January 2019


Calendar of Deliverables due to HRSA FY2018

GY2018 Unobligated Balance Report and Preliminary Carryover Request in FY19



 + Assessment of the Administrative Mechanism


The Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) requires planning councils to assess how efficiently the grantee distributes Ryan White Title I funds. 

View the 2007 Assessment (pdf)
View the 2006 Assessment (pdf)


 + Bylaws


The Bylaws describe the guidelines that govern the Council.


View the 2016 Bylaws (pdf)

View the 2014 Bylaws (pdf)
View the 2012 Bylaws (pdf)
View the 2007 Bylaws (pdf)


+ Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan: 2016 revisions to COHAS for SCSN

The Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan (“The Plan”) is a vehicle to identify HIV prevention and care needs, existing resources, barriers, and gaps within the jurisdiction and outlines the strategies to address them.  It will guide prevention and care services from 2017-2021.  The Colorado HIV/AIDS Strategy (COHAS) is the basis for the new Plan.  

View the slate of revised COHAS that the DHRPC will vote on September 1, 2016:  Integrated Care Plan COHAS.v081716 (pdf) 


Vieew the final version of of the Integrated Plan (pdf)

View the final version of the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (pdf)

View the revised version of Chapter 3 pdf) that will not be voted on by the Council, as it is not within their purview.  

View the signed Letter of Concurrence that the Council voted on September 1, 2016.


+ Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan guides the Denver HIV Resources Planning Council and the Denver Office of HIV Resources (DOHR) in setting goals to maintain and improve services for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) over the next three years.


View the 2012-2014 Plan (pdf)
View the 2009-2011 Plan (pdf)
View the 2006-2008 Plan (pdf)


+ DHRPC Annual Retreat


2015 Annual Retreat will be hosted April 25, 2015

Materials for 2015:
View the 2015 Annual Retreat meeting agenda (pdf)

2014 Annual Retreat was hosted June 27, 2014

Materials for 2014:
View the 2014 Annual Retreat meeting agenda (pdf)
View Dr. Fabrice Jotterand's Presentation (pdf)

2013 Annual Retreat was hosted January 11th, 2013

Materials for 2013:
View the 2013 Annual Retreat meeting agenda (pdf)
View Judy Zerzan's Presentation (pdf)
View Judy Zerzan's HCPF Recommended Links (pdf)
View Bob Bongiovanni's HCR Workgroup Recommendations (pdf)
View Maria Lopez's Presentation (pdf)
View the Annual Retreat 2013 Report (pdf)

2012 Annual Retreat was hosted February 10th, 2012

Materials for 2012:
View the 2012 Annual Retreat meeting agenda (pdf)
View DHRPC Comprehensive Plan (pdf)
View the Engagement to HIV Care (pdf)
View the Healthcare Reform and Patient Centered Medical Home (pdf)
View the HIV Infection in Foreign Born (pdf)
View the HIV Infection and Aging (pdf)


+ Epidemiological Data


The Epidemiological Data provides a summary of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in the Denver metropolitan area.


View the CDPHE's June 2014 HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Report (pdf)
View the HIV/AIDS 2009 Q1 Report (pdf)
View the 2008 Data (pdf)
View the 2008 TGA-Specific Data (pdf)
View the 2006 Data (pdf)


 + Funded Categories


View the 2015 Categories (pdf)
View the 2013 Categories (pdf)
View the 2012 Categories (pdf)
View the 2011 Categories (pdf)
View the 2010 Categories (pdf)
View the 2009 Categories (pdf)
View the 2008 Categories (pdf)
View the 2007 Categories (pdf)


Grantee Report

View the October 2018 Grantee Report (pdf)

View the December 2018 Grantee Report (pdf)


+ Grievance Procedures


The Ryan White Act requires the Council to develop Grievance Procedures as a condition of eligibility for funding. This includes a process for submitting grievances to binding arbitration, reviewed by the Health Resources and Services Administration Project Director. These procedures were first adopted December 5, 1996 and most recently updated January 18, 2013.

View the Procedures (pdf)


+ Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA)


HRSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the primary Federal agency for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated or medically vulnerable. This HRSA primer explains the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program, and describes what planning councils do to help make decisions about which Ryan White HIV/AIDS services to fund and deliver in their geographic areas.

View the Primer (pdf)

+ HIV and the Affordable Care Act Resource Fair

View/print the presentation (pdf).


+ National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS)


On December 1st, 2010, Obama Administration officials and leaders in the AIDS community spoke at  World AIDS Day event at the White House to reflect on the lessons learned and the path forward in the fight against HIV and AIDS in the United States and around the world.  The three primary goals;

  1. Reducing the number of people who become infected with HIV;
  2. Increasing access to care and optimizing health outcomes for people living with HIV; and,
  3. Reducing HIV-related health disparities.

View the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (pdf)
View the National HIV/AIDS Implementation Plan (pdf)
View the National HIV/AIDS Community Ideas (pdf)


+ Needs Assessment


Every three years the Council conducts a needs assessment of people living with HIV or AIDS (PLWH/As) in the Denver Transitional Grant Area (TGA) to help determine how to prioritize the funds available for services.
View the 2015 Needs Assessment Presentation (pdf)
View the 2014 Needs Assessment Final Report (pdf)
View the 2014 Needs Assessment Presentation (pdf)
View the 2011 Needs Assessment Presentation (pdf)
View the 2011 Needs Assessment Final Report (pdf)
View the 2010 Key Stakeholder Interview Summary (pdf)
View the 2010 Combined Key Stakeholder Interviews (pdf)
View the 2008 Report (pdf)
View the 2008 Supplemental Provider Report (pdf)
View the 2007 Presentation & Maps (pdf)
View the 2006 Report (pdf)


+ Planning Council Strategic Calendar

View the Planning Council 2015 Tasks and Timeframe Calendar (pdf)
View the Planning Council 2014 Process Map (pdf)
View the Planning Council Strategic Calendar 2013 (pdf)
View the Planning Council Strategic Calendar 2010-2011 (pdf)
View the Planning Council Strategic Calendar 2009-2010 (pdf)


+ Priorities 


The Priority setting process decides how much Part A money should be used for each of these services (resource allocations).

Directives Reports

View the FY 2013 Directives Report (pdf)
View the FY 2009 Directives Report (pdf)

Directives Process and Instructions

View the Directives Process (pdf)
View the Directives Submission Instructions (pdf)


Reallocation and Reprogramming

Reprogramming PowerPoint December 2018


FY 2017


View the FY 2019 Priority Setting and Resource Allocation Report (pdf)

View the FY 2017 Priority Setting and Resource Allocation Report (pdf)

View the FY 2017 Priority Setting and Resource Allocation Certification (pdf)


FY 2016


View the FY 2016 DHRPC Priority Setting and Resource Allocation Report (pdf)

View the FY 2016 Priority Setting and Resource Alloction Certification (pdf)


FY 2015


View the FY 2015 Priority Setting and Resource Allocation (pdf)
View the FY 2015 DHRPC Priorities Final Report (pdf)
View the FY 2015 Priorities Data Booklet (pdf)
View the Executive Summary for the FY 2015 Data Booklet (pdf)

FY 2013


View the FY 2013 Priority Setting and Resource Allocation (pdf)
View the FY 2013 DHRPC Priorities Final Report (pdf)
View the 2013 Priorities Booklet (pdf)

FY 2012


View the FY 2012 Priority Setting and Resource Allocation (pdf)
View the FY 2012 MAI Setting and Resource Allocation (pdf)
View the FY 2012 DHRPC Priorities Final Report (pdf)
View the Priorities Booklet (pdf)

FY 2011


View the FY 2011 Allocations (pdf)
View the FY 2011 MAI Allocations (pdf)
View the FY 2011 DHRPC Priorities Final Report (pdf)
View the FY 2011 DHRPC Community Report (pdf)
View the Priorities Booklet (pdf)

FY 2010


View the FY 2010 Allocations (pdf)
View the FY 2010 Revised Allocations (pdf)
View the FY 2010 Priorities Final Report (pdf)
View the Priorities Booklet (pdf)

FY 2009


View the FY 2009 Allocations (pdf)
View the Case Management Assessment (pdf)
View the Case Management Assessment Report Highlights (pdf)


+ Ryan White 


The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is the largest Federal program focused exclusively on HIV/AIDS care. The program is for those who do not have sufficient health care coverage or financial resources for coping with HIV disease. Ryan White fills gaps in care not covered by these other sources. The legislation is called the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006. The legislation was first enacted in 1990 as the Ryan White CARE (Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency) Act.

View the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Moderation Act of 2006 (pdf)


Ryan White Part A Legislative Update


View the 2010 Ryan White Part A Legislative Update Agenda (pdf)

View the Service Visit Checklist Common Standards (pdf)
View the Compliance Plan Common Standards (pdf)
View the Introduction to the new HRSA Requirements (pdf)
View the Opening Segment (pdf)
View the Grant Making Segment (pdf)
View the Data Quality Initiatives (pdf)
View the 2011 SOC Common Standards Draft (pdf)


+ Service Utilization


Reviewing service utilization provides insight into how funded categories are performing in their goal to serve unmet needs.

View the 2008 Presentation (pdf)
View the 2006 Presentation (pdf)


+ Standards of Care 


Defines standards of care, unit costs, and quality management indicators for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act Part A funded service categories, and provides the Denver Office of HIV Resources (DOHR) with information to assist in evaluating funded services.

View the 2011 HRSA Ryan White Part A Program Monitoring Standards (pdf)

View the February 2018 approved Standards of Care Process (pdf)

2013 Best practice documents:
2013 Zero Income Reporting Form
2013 Homeless Verification Form
2013 HOPWA Financial Assistance Request Form
2013 Ryan White Revised Financial Assistance Request Form

View the 2016 Update to the EFA Standard of Care (pdf)

View the 2015 Standards of Care (pdf)

View the 2014 Standards of Care (pdf)
View the 2013 Standards of Care (pdf)
View the 2012 Standards of Care (pdf)
View the 2011 Standards of Care (pdf)
View the 2010 Standards of Care (pdf)
View the 2009 Standards of Care (pdf)
View the 2008 Standards of Care (pdf)
View the 2007 Standards of Care (pdf)